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i am a stay-at-home mom living, learning and loving by the bay!I love to take pictures. I love to crochet cozy things for my family and friends.

January 28, 2010

s n o w

Binky remembering how to snowboard!

It all came back to him!

Ready to hit the slopes!

They had the best time!

ice sculptures

snow faerie castle

street sledding!
We spent the weekend in Nevada! There was snow everywhere!
The boys spent 2 whole days in Tahoe
snowboarding their hearts out!
Goose had fun sledding with her cousins and making faerie castles in the snow!
This afternoon we are off to martial arts class.
We are beginning a lesson on evolution.
Binky has been asking many questions about how we evolved!
One night he said,"If we all came from the same ancestors then we are all family!"
I like his thinking!

January 17, 2010

airplanes and sewing machines

Binky has been making giant paper airplanes all week. I got some huge poster paper from a stationary store that was going out of business and we are finally putting it to use! You fold them just like the smaller version only they fly much further!

I LOVE this photo!!! Big sister showing Binky how to use her new sewing machine!! Grandma spent the afternoon yesterday showing Goose everything she needed to know about her new machine.

She spent her time trying out all the different type of stitches. She had so much fun!

Goose and grandma made this adorable little bag. First thing this morning both kids were on the sewing machine! Love that!!!! We have a week of wind and rain ahead so I am sure we will be using that machine quite a bit. I wish I had learned to sew at Goose's age. My mom made our clothes when we were young. She even made her wedding gown! She is quite the seamstess! I missed out on that gene! But I love watching Goose in all her enthusiasm. And I know my mom truly enjoys teaching her.
Thanks for all the kind words last post!
The fog is lifting!!

January 11, 2010

I have been in a sort of grey fog for some time now. I'm trying to take things one day at a time. I am trying to live in the moment...
the kids are healthy and full of energy!
Daddy still isn't working.
I'm TIRED of family members high on their horses!
I am distracted by health issues.
Friends are getting divorced.
Relationships are ending.
I am only venting. Really I am blessed to be with the man of my dreams.
To have the most amazing children.
And to be here each day to witness the love surrounding me.
Thanks for putting up with me!