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May 1, 2012

t i d e p o o l s

These pics are from a few weeks ago.
Our science group took a fieldtrip to a local marine preserve.
It was quite windy, but a very beautiful day!

Our group was lucky enough to have two docents all to ourselves!

With the wind, it was difficult to get a good shot without rippling water!

This abalone shell was an unusual sight for the tidepools.

Here is a whale bone fossil that is stuck in some rocks along the shore.
The kids really loved seeing this.
All in all, it was a fabulous trip!
Did you know that some sea anemones can live to be 100 years old?!
A few days later Goose and I watched the BBC series, The Blue Planet: Seas of Life.
It is available on Netflix and  Amazon Prime.
There is an episode for each ocean zone.  They are very well done and full of great images.
I highly recommend it!
Our last fieldtrip is to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.
I won't be going, but I know Goose will have a great time.
This is an amazing place!
Our days have been pretty mellow lately.
Daddy is working a lot.  I am not complaining after last year!
We have lots of birthdays in the next couple of months.
Binky is turning 10 on May 8!
He is counting down the days and hours!
So cute.  There will be no cake this year. 
Binky has insisted upon my apple pie for his birthday this year.
He loves pie!