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August 30, 2012

surgery update

My surgery went very well!
Only two excisions were needed.
The cancer had gone quite deep and some
precancerous cells were also found.
My scar is about an inch long.
But the doctor was able to sew me up, which isn't always the case.
So I was happy.
There was some swelling for the first several days, but
icing every hour really helped.
I still cannot exercise or do any lifting until next week.
I am having the stitches removed on Tuesday.
And we will talk about when to begin
treatment for the precancerous cells.
Which will include chemotherapy cream.
All in all, I am happy with the results of the surgery!
Now if only people would stop staring at me in public.
One guy even asked me what happened while I was with my husband.
He looked at me with a "likely story" look on his face.
I get so many stares!  What do they think happened, I wonder?
Thanks, Nicola for your concern!!

August 1, 2012

4 0

This is me first thing in the morning.
This is me at 40.
Yep, I turned 40 on Sunday.
At 7:55pm to be exact.
It wasn't how I thought I would spend my
40th birthday. 
But it was still nice.

It was hard to enjoy the day when my son is in pain and
can't really do anything.
His concussion is VERY slowly getting better.
But oh, so slowly.
AND, we found out yesterday that his horrible back pain
is caused by a fractured vertebrae!
Before he hit his head at the gym he was jumping
on the trampoline and landed on his feet right onto the hard platform
surrounding the trampoline.  And he said he was jumping quite high.
Which is probably why he had such a hard time
getting over the small fence and hit is head.
But after he hit his head he was so
disoriented for a couple of days that he couldn't really remember all that happened.
So it took a week for me to get all the details.
Which is when I took him for an xray and visit with the orthopaedic doctor.
So we are looking at about 2 months healing time.
And to top it all off, I am having my skin cancer surgery(mohs surgery) on my face
in 3 weeks.  The round spot under my eye is the scar left from the biopsy.
That is where the surgery will take place.
I am getting nervous.
I did have a dream last night that the surgery went really well
and there was hardly any scar after it healed.
It was a nice dream!
My daughter is leaving for Catalina Island on Saturday.
She is so excited!
She and her best friend are sailing from Long Beach to Catalina Island
for a week long summer camp.
She is already packed and ready to go!
So... I am 40.
I made it!
Hoping the next 40 are filled with love and laughter!!