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May 15, 2009

M O O N study

We have been studying our solar system and right now we are focusing on the moon! This book from the library is great!! A must read for young children.

Goose and Binky are starting a record of the moon's phases. Unfortunately, there was no moon last night!

These meteorites were perfect for impacting the flour moon we set up in the front yard.

Dropping the meteorites onto the moon's surface was the most fun!

And we finished with a moon phase mobile with cutouts of the crescent, quarter, gibbous, and full moon shapes covered in silver glitter. This lesson came to me out of nowhere yesterday and it was a lot of fun! I ended the day with a bedtime reading of "Papa, Please Get The Moon
For Me." Today we are going to make our own moons from Sculpey and read about its crust, mantles and core. I'm hoping to do a frontyard telescope viewing of the moon this weekend!


  1. We love charting the moon phases too. I love the silver mobile, so pretty. The book looks neat, thanks for the recommendation. ;)

  2. This sounds like a fun lesson. The moon mobile is so cute.

  3. LOL! I would love to throw the meteorites on the moon too. :) I like the mobile too, esp. since it is on a hanger. Easy, right? So pretty!

  4. Ooh, we're starting a moon study soon, too, so I'm going to steal some of your ideas! :)