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October 29, 2012

l i f e

Life is a little crazy right now.
When isn't it, really?
My mother's husband has brain cancer.
He was diagnosed 2 years ago with stage 3 anaplastic
He had surgery to remove as much as possible as soon as he was diagnosed
and then 1 year of chemo.  It was an oral chemo that was very easily tolerated.
And then all was mostly well.  About a month ago, after one of his
usual MRIs, we could see that the cancer had started to grow again.
We knew it would eventually.
So he went in for surgery last Wednesday and his home now.
The surgery went very well at UCSF.
He had the best possible surgeon.
Joe, my step-father, is now scheduled to start brain radiation
in less than two weeks.  Treatment is EVERYDAY for 7 weeks.
And now they have opted to add chemo again while he is doing the radiation treatments.
I don't know how this will affect him. 
From what I have read online, it will not be easy for him.
But he is still young, in his mid fifties, and healthy otherwise.
But in the end, we all know this will take his life much earlier than
expected.  It is a lot to deal with.
I haven't even mentioned it here because then it becomes more real.
I am very concerned about my mom and how she is
handling everything.  We are going to visit tonight or tomorrow, depending on
how Joe is feeling. 
As for me, I am starting my chemo cream for my face today!
My insurance did not want to cover the prescription at first.
But my amazing doctor got on the phone and made it happen!
On a happier note, we are getting ready for Halloween!
Binky only needs 2 more things and then both kids are all set.
Goose will be a gypsy and Binky will be Jester, a comic book character.
I can't believe how grown-up they both look in their costumes.
I will post pics later.
I am looking forward to the distraction.
Watching all the kids with happy faces and fun costumes.
I hope your celebration is filled with fun!
Happy Halloween!

October 23, 2012

New Blog!!!

I created a new blog for my Etsy shop!
I am so excited to finally be doing this!  Crochet Crowe is
my shop for handmade scarves.  Crocheted cowls that are beautiful and cozy!
I will have some new scarves available later this week.
I hope you will stop by for peek!

October 18, 2012

home learning fun

Binky is up to his drawing again.
I love this one!
I love seeing him hang out in his room
and come up with these ideas of his.
I want to print this one on a tshirt to give him for
Christmas this year.  He will be so surprised!

Goose's science group is studying Earth Science and I taught a class on
volcanes.  We sketched and labeled the main types of volcanes.
The kids labeled a world map with a variety of different volcanoes.
We talked about the silica content of magma and how the more silica in the magma,
the more viscous the lava.

I poked a tiny hole in toothpaste tubes and the kids squeezed the tubes to watch how the
"magma" oozes down the side of the tube.
This is very viscous lava!  They made a chart of all the different elements
in igneous rocks formed from different lavas, like basalt, andesite, dacite and rhyolite.
It was a great class!  I only had two hours, but we covered a TON of information.

Goose decorated this lovely sarcophagus. 
She is still studying Egypt.
We attended a workshop at the local Egyptian Museum last Sunday
focused on Egyptian oils and perfumes. 
She loved it!  One more workshop this weekend and
 she will be able to attend a sleep-over at the museum.
How cool is that!

Goose has also spent a lot of time crocheting this week.
She made herself a little pouch yesterday.
So cute!  I love seeing her enjoy something I love so much.
We are looking forward to a cooler weekend here by the bay.
It has been in the 80s most of the week!
A little too warm for me right now.
I was getting used to wearing my scarves and boots
and then I had to break out my sandals and tank tops again.
But I have noticed a beautiful sparkle to the sun.
Every October the sun seems to sparkle.  I can't find a better word
to describe it.  Do you know what I mean?
Anyway, I love it.
It will be much cooler this weekend.
Hopefully I can break out those scarves and boots again!