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June 26, 2010

Lego Master Exhibit

A local Lego Master, Johannes van Galen, is displaying his amazing Legos here in the Bay Area!
I think this photo says it all!
Binky and friend were in heaven!

race car garages

under water scenes

Star Wars Imperial Cruisers


Ferris wheels that turn

one of my favorites, the forest

and the Eiffel Tower!
There was so much more than what you see here.
I can't even imagine how long it must take to set this up.
Friend said, "This is why I love Legos! I just can't get enough Legos!"
I don't know about you, but there are legos all over my house.
Sometimes I even find them in my bed!!

June 23, 2010

a day with the girls

Goose practicing her stroke

building at Adventure Playground

the zip-line

crab collecting

Yesterday was my day in the coop camp. Since Goose was in preschool we have spent several weeks each summer with these same 5 girls. They are all turning 10 this year. It has been a wonderful experience watching them all grow into amazing young ladies!
This was the first year where Binky was a real part of the group.
Usually he is just the annoying little brother!
But I was so thrilled to watch them all play together so effortlessly.
We started the day at swimming lessons, followed by Adventure Playground, playing on the shore, some play time at home and then everyone went to see one of the girls test and pass for her purple belt in martial arts.
After dinner Goose and Binky went right to sleep!!
I am so grateful that my girl has such wonderful friends to grow up with.
Seeing them together fills my heart with love!!

June 21, 2010

summer haiku

Daybreak in the Summer
Ryota (1719-1787)
This lovely summer morn
Hushed is the voice of every man
In wonder at the dawn.
Happy Summer Solstice!

June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day my love

Happy Father's Day!
You are an amazing father to our children.
Nothing makes me happier than seeing you snuggling our kids!!
I love you

June 16, 2010


we are so fascinated with the tearing down of this building.

made lots of boats
the soap bar boat sank!

played some basketball

explored the creek

and found some friends.
i watched the Celtics sadly lose game 6!
and then we stayed up late waiting for Daddy to get home.
i am reading The Little Prince to Binky.
this is my first reading of it and I'm really enjoying it.
i think Binky is too.
he is reading Warriors: Cats of the Clans.
i can't tell you how happy i was to walk into my room and see him on the bed reading to himself!
i was jumping for joy inside!
what are your kids reading?

June 14, 2010

karate kid demo

Goose and Binky were asked by Sensei Terri to be part of a demo she was putting together to be performed at the opening of "The Karate Kid."
It was definitely an honor to be asked!
They performed a routine with 2 katas, self-defense and...

...broke boards.
Everyone's favorite part!

The also handed out flyers for the dojo.

Between performances the kids watched the movie.
They loved it!
I was so proud of those kids! They worked so hard for this and only had a week to prepare. We were at the dojo everyday last week except Wednesday.
Binky was up practicing every morning.
He wants to talk to Sensei about doing more demos!

June 11, 2010

more ROY G BIV

Yesterday I printed the photos of the ROY G BIV flowers from my previous post.
The colors are so vivid!
Then I printed each flower in black and white in 8x10 size.
We painted only the flower in each picture.
I LOVE how they turned out!!

This was a really fun and easy project.
I am going to frame each one in an acrylic frame and hang them on the wall in ROY G BIV order.
Both Goose and Binky seem to really enjoy painting.
The room always feels calm and peaceful when there are paintbrushes in their hands.
I'm planning an end of summer art show here at our house for friends and family so the kids can show off their priceless works of art!
How will you be spending your days at home with the kids?

June 10, 2010

a morning in the garden

We spent the morning at my favorite garden.
We looked at color in all the beautiful spring flowers.
And how light changed the way colors look in the sun and in shadows.
We talked about Monet and if he would have liked to paint this garden.
Then we looked for the 7 colors of the rainbow!
We found...






and Violet.
We also made a friend!

His name is Tux.
Binky wanted to bring him home!
I think he's pretty happy in the garden.
I know I would be!