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February 22, 2011

E s C a p E

Last week was a rough one.
At one point I told my husband that I didn't want to think about it anymore!
I want to turn it off!
To make a long story short my niece ran away last week.
She is home safe now,  but during those loooooong hours of not knowing where she was or who she was with it was a living hell!
It's not easy coming down from such horrifying emotions and thoughts.
So... I needed to escape.

I grabbed Goose and we headed to the Garden!
It was a cold, beautiful day.
The rain had filled the creeks with rushing water all through the garden.
It was as if all this water was washing away my worries.

There were signs of new beginnings everywhere!

Throughout our walk, Goose was telling me about a story
she is working on with some of her friends.  It's called, "The Pirate King's Revenge!"
It's quite a story!
As soon as we got home she sat down and started writing.
I know she and Binky were very worried about their cousin. 

This is my favorite shot of the day.
You know how I love ferns!

This was the view as we drove down the hill back to reality.
Just beautiful.
One hour in the Garden and I am at peace.
Thank you Garden!!!

February 18, 2011

green belt

We have another green belt in the family!
Binky tested last night.  He broke his arm right before he and Goose were supposed to test together for their green belts.  So he had to wait for his arm to heal and then wait some more for sensei to have time
to test him.  But last night he did such an amazing job!
Everyone was impressed with his performance.
Especially Sensei Terri.  She came over and congratulated Daddy and I
for such a good job.  And she never does that!
It was wonderful to see him so confident and well prepared for this moment.
It was also great to see Goose so excited for her little brother.
Although I'm not sure how much longer he will be her "little" brother.
We were standing in the kitchen yesterday and I suddenly realized that Binky has gotten quite a bit taller recently.  I always know when he is having a growth spurt because he is always hungry!
Unlike Goose who is always hungry all the time.
And when he stood next to his sister I thought, "Wow, he's going to catch up to her sooner than I thought!"
After testing we headed straight for our favorite ice cream shop
Binky had rose vanilla, creme brulee and plain vanilla.
I know, three scoops?!
It was a splurge, but well deserved!

February 14, 2011

pet huggies

I have been wanting to do this for quite sometime. 
It is so easy. 
First you need to snap a picture of your favorite pet.
Our cat, Scratch, would not open his eyes for anything, but he still looks cute!
Next you can edit your photo to change colors or add anything you like.
I tinted Goose's huggy in purple, her favorite color.
You will also need  fabric for the backside of the huggy.  I chose prints I thought the kids would like.
After you choose the photo you want to use you will need to print in 8 x 10 size
on printable fabric.  You can find this at most craft stores.

Cut out your pet and sew your pieces together.
Stuff them and close them and you are done!

I hand sewed these because I didn't want the kids to see me making them.
This is my first sewing project!
But you could probably tell that from the pictures!!
Goose and Binky loved their "Scratch" huggies!
They were so surprised!
I can't wait to make more for friends and family.
I'm hoping the kids will be inspired to make their own.

February 11, 2011

s w e e t

It was cupcake day at our house yesterday!
I think we should have a weekly cupcake day.
They are so yummy and fun to make!
Today we are sharing some of our cupcakes with neighbors for Valentine's Day.
We do this every year.
I received a box of chocolates early because two chocolate monsters couldn't
keep quiet any longer!
I am making some gifts for Goose and Binky, but because a certain someone reads my blog
I can't share them now.
I can't wait to surprise them!
How will you spend Valentine's Day?

February 8, 2011

p i n k

It was the most glorious day today!
The sun was so bright and it was windy.
On our morning walk around the neighborhood
this is what we saw.
Pink blossoms and blue sky.
We were inspired to make our own blossoms when we got home.

We did this two years ago and loved how it looked.
You can see how we did it here.
I never liked pink growing up.
I almost never wear pink.
But as I get older, the more I am drawn to it.
When Goose was very little she would always say her favorite color was,
"red, pink and purple!"
Before she was born I told everyone not to buy anything pink.
No pink for my daughter!
And what was the only color in her closet for the first 6 years of her life?
She had to have pink!
I heard a quote once...
"Pink is the navy blue of India."
I wouldn't mind a pink sari of my own!

February 1, 2011

magnet fun

Binky is fascinated with magnets these days.
He had some fun making this one dance!