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March 31, 2009

f r a c t u r e

Well, here is Goose this morning! Fractured left wrist. We spent 5, yes, I said 5 hours in the ER last night! We got home after 10pm and she still had to eat dinner. We are exhausted to say the least! I knew as soon as I heard her call out to me that a bone was broken. You see, this is our families 5th fractured bone. I now consider myself an expert! My sister-in-law, who works as a social worker at the hospital we went to, said "Maybe it's not broken." I said I would bet money on it! And I was right, again. There's a certain way your child cries out that you KNOW is serious. And this was one of those cries. Poor thing. She went out into the backyard to look and see if she could see anyone near a house that was on fire a few blocks away. She was very worried someone might still be inside. I assured her that the fire fighters would get everyone out. It looked like everyone was already out on the street. But she is a worrier. So she climbed on some exercise equipment and slipped and fell right on the concrete. The real bummer is that she didn't even get her permanent cast. We have to wait to see the orthopedist and get the cast then. So today will be very mellow with hugs and kisses galore! Binky was so sweet when he heard Goose was going to the hospital. He told Daddy "We have to go to the hospital, Daddy! My sister broke her arm. We have to go be with her!" Which they did and Binky waited for 4 hours so patiently. We have come to learn that broken bones are not as high on the priority list at the ER as one might think!

March 29, 2009

Discovry Kingdom and EARTH HOUR

We hit the amusement park yesterday with Grandma and my sister's kids. It was really hot and really fun!!
Here is Goose with my very moody 15 year old niece!

There's a great kids area where they can get wet and cool off.
This is Binky after his first real roller coaster. Look at that face!

We played card games in candlelight last night for Earth Hour.
Buddha was quite content!

March 27, 2009

beach weather

Today was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! So we headed to the beach with some friends. We got there at 11am and left at 4:30pm. It was so relaxing for me. And the kids had a blast playing in the waves, hunting for sea anemones and sea stars, burying each other in the sand, digging tunnels and playing baseball. It was a day we did not want to end!

March 26, 2009

Homeschool Charter School Showcase

We went to our school showcase yesterday and found some really cool projects!

This installment is from Goose's Art Appreciation class.

I love this Warrior Cats board game!

Here's an Indian kitchen! So great!

The final showcase was "The Merry Wives of Windsor," performed by the older grades. It was a wonderful production! I can see Broadway in some of their futures! Binky sat through the entire show just mesmerized! Afterwards we all shared a potluck lunch. This is also a day where prospective families come to see what we do and talk to homeschooling families and staff.
Today, cousin is coming over to spend the day with us. We are going to the park to ride bikes and scooters. Tomorrow we are going to the beach with some friends! Can't wait!!

March 24, 2009


Earth Hour is Saturday night!! The http://earthhourkids.org website is really great! Check it out if you haven't yet! I printed up both lesson plans for Goose and Binky. We have had some great conversations about climate change and ways to help stop it. Goose finished her poster and I love the way it turned out! Binky is still working on his. We are all looking forward to spending Earth Hour at home by candlelight playing games and talking about our beautiful planet! How are you spending your Earth Hour?

March 21, 2009

b l o s s o m s

I have been waiting and waiting for Spring to do this! Originally I was going to do this with tissue paper. But I saw this in a window display and had to try it! All you need is some branches, scissors and pink yarn. Goose and I wrapped 6-10" pieces of yarn on different parts of the branches. To tie it off we made a knot and cut off the excess. So easy and beautiful! I am going to add more blossoms as the season progresses. Goose and I are working on some yarn nests to add to our Spring mantle. But more on those later!

March 19, 2009

Chef Goose

Goose made dinner all by herself tonight!

We had yellow mashed potatoes...

with swedish meatballs in gravy!!! It was delicious!!!

And there was hot chocolate and whipped cream for dessert.

Not the homemade whipped cream we usually make, but the kind in a can! I know, I know, but the kids LOVE this stuff! And I love watching them spray it... sometimes into their mouths! It's the little things in life... and sometimes the not so healthy things, too!:)

March 18, 2009

memories of spring

I was looking through some old photo files yesterday and found this one. It's two years old and taken on a field trip to a farm on the coast about 3o minutes from our house. Goose was in love with this goat kid! She was only a few days old. I've been thinking about the seasons a lot lately and this photo is Spring at its best!

March 16, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I broke out our Irish flag!

And our Irish euros! Kind of like gold, right?

Did you know that leprechauns are part of the faerie family?

We made little shamrock books with a leprechaun story and artwork inside.

And finished off the day with a Sculpey shamrock and bead necklace for Goose.

Today was one of those mellow days where everything fell into place so smoothly, even though most of us were feeling under the weather. I am grateful for days like this.

March 15, 2009

More Muir Woods

There were so many little waterfalls, we lost count!

Nature journal sketches and poetry writing.

These ferns took root in this fallen tree. Did I mention I love ferns?

My favorite photo of the day!

Muir Woods

I took the kiddos for a hike in Muir Woods on Friday. And what a perfect day for it!!! The creek was full of water, the sun was shining, and ladybugs were everywhere! We hiked about four miles, farther than we ever have before at Muir Woods. We come here a lot, actually. It is one of my favorite places in the world. These ancient redwoods are stunning! And the ferns!! I love all the ferns!

March 11, 2009

aDveNtuRe PLaYgRoUnd

We took a homeschooling fieldtrip to Adventure Playground today!!! This place is a lot of fun!

The rules are you have to bring in 5 pieces of litter to get a tool! You can get a hammer, a saw... yikes, nails or paint. The next rule is to be safe. And the final rule is to have fun! And we did!

One of the coolest things to do is ride the zip-line!

There's lots of stuff to climb on!

And endless amounts of wood to add on to any of the structures. We have made quite a few additions to one of the structures. Binky even refers to it as HIS clubhouse. We had a great time today in the beautiful sunshine!