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October 30, 2009

This was last year! So cute aren't they?

And this was the year before!
Why do they grow up so fast?
This year Goose will be a witch again and Binky isn't sure yet!
He may make some changes to his current costume.
You will have to wait and see what he decides!
Happy Halloween Eve to all!

October 26, 2009

Jack-O-Lanterns and Woodland Faeries

We did some carving last night and counted ALL the seeds in each pumpkin!
The results are as follows
Mom 463
Dad 436
Goose 506
Binky 290

Goose created this very sweet costume for Josefina. I love the wings and pearls!
Dressing up is so much fun!
Josefina looks like she loves being a woodland faerie!

October 24, 2009


I found these adorable yarn apples here.
We will be doing the same thing next week to make pumpkins!
Happy Autumn!

October 23, 2009


Our family of scarecrows!
Made by, from left to right, Binky, Goose, Dad and Mom.
We made some last year with a template from here
Happy weekend!

October 20, 2009

family fun

Cat masks by Binky

Felt dagger by Daddy

Bat designed by Binky, sewn by Mommy

And stuffed owl by Goose!

October 17, 2009

a day on the farm

The kids and I spent the day at a local farm!
There were lots of animals to see like goats, horses, bunnies, pheasants, pigs and many more.

Even turkeys!
This guy would not show his face!

Goose spent some time making corn husk dolls. Sweet, isn't she?

Ardenwood is an historical farm in Fremont, CA.
It was named after a forest area in Shakespeare's play "As You Like It."

We even went for a hay ride through the fields.
This was Binky's favorite part of the day!

I love this photo!
We had so much fun! As soon as we pulled into the parking area and the kids saw the pumpkin patch, they thanked me ahead of time for a great day! Can't ask for more than that!!
The weather has been quite warm and muggy lately. I'm still looking forward to sweaters and scarves. We are very excited about Halloween around here! Grandma made Goose a wizard dress and cape this year. Can't wait to post photos! Binky is going as GI Joe. He doesn't really even know who GI Joe is, but when he saw the costume it was all over. He loves helmets and any kind of gear.
What are your little ones wearing this year?

October 8, 2009

Binky wanted me to share this "very complicated Lego ship" with you!
Cool, isn't it?

For Social Studies, Binky made a storyboard of his life!
This is me holding Binky at the hospital.

Yes, Binky's first broken arm was at 2. And there have been two more since then.

Binky had a lot of fun making this. He is so proud of it! He shows it to everyone that comes to visit! He even wants to share it at next weeks writing class! There is nothing more rewarding that when my child is excited about writing! Oh, and the other day, Binky was reading a chapter book with character voices and expression! I was smiling from ear to ear just listening to him! He is talking with an english accent these days and has recently added an australian accent. He likes to read using accents. He also likes to read while sitting on the kitchen counter. Or any other unusual place. Which is just fine with me. Anything to help him enjoy reading!
How does your child like to read?

October 6, 2009

painting on canvas

Goose loves Van Gogh so she decided to paint flowers!

The background is a beautiful "alien sunset!"
I really love this painting!

Binky has been studying large cats so we have been looking at Rousseau paintings.
He uses several cats in some of his jungle pieces. This is Binky's favorite!

First he copied the painting on paper and then drew it right on the canvas.

This tiger is ready to pounce!
Binky really enjoyed painting this.
He was a little intimated by covering the entire canvas with paint, but he did it!
I can't tell you how much I love these paintings!!
I can't wait to frame them!