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April 13, 2012

coral reefs

Goose's science group is studying Oceans this month.
I taught the Coral Reef class this past Wednesday.
To get ready for the class, Goose and I made these melted crayon and watercolor

Each class is using this world map made by one of the other students.
The kids labeled different reefs in my class.

For our activity each kid made thier own reef.
We discussed how the surface area of the reef grows as more and more corals grow.

Goose's reef.

The previous class was on Tidal Zones.
Goose made this sea urchin out of clay, toothpicks and spray paint to go with the lesson.
Tomorrow we are visiting the Fitzerald Tidepool Reserve in Half Moon Bay.
Hoping to get some great photos!
Our next two classes are the pelagic zone and deep sea vents.
I love the strange creatures of the vents!
Looking forward to a fun weekend.
How about you?

April 4, 2012

s p e e d

Daddy took Binky racing last week!
He had sooooo much fun!

Who wouldn't have fun in one of these?!
There was only one other kid there, so they had the track to themselves.
They became instant friends.

I love this photo.
Can you see the joy in his eyes?

This is where he wants to go for his birthday next month.
Binky turns 10 this year.
And time is speeding by!
He is leaving my arms and heading straight for the speeding cars!
But it is so worth it when I see the joy on his face!