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September 30, 2008

Seasons change and so does life...

Goose and I have been working on some paper fall leaves with watercolors and oil pastels. We had a good time. The second day she asked me what we were going to do with all of these leaves. So yesterday I strung them up into a leaf mobile. I originally saw the idea on http://mamaskinnedknees.typepad.com/ with real leaves. So pretty! Here is our work of art!

Friday we received some bad news. My uncle passed away suddenly from a heart attack that Friday evening. I am in shock still. Trying to keep busy. Sunday I also found out that my grandfather is dying and it's a day to day situaion. I had a horrible weekend! Goose and Binky are only aware of my uncle's death right now. They only saw him a few times. But telling them about my grandfather, their great-grandpa, will be tough! Not looking forward to it. We will be leaving town this Friday to attend my uncle's funeral. We will also visit my grandfather. He was a huge part of my childhood. I have so many wonderful, loving memories. I am thankful for those. Day-to-day life has to go on. It is hard to stay focused. Time will pass and it will get easier. That's what I am telling myself, anyway.

September 28, 2008

Hike with the Yellow Jackets

Went for a hike in the local hills Friday. So pretty out, sun shining, nice breeze. We brought our Nature Journals for some sketching by the lake. As we neared the top of the hill Binky screams and says, "I've been stung by a bee on my face!!!" I knew from his voice he was definitely stung, but I had no idea what was to come next! Goose and I were looking at Binky's sting and trying to calm him down when suddenly Goose was being surrounded by about 10 yellow jackets! They were landing all over her and not wanting to get off! Suddenly I realized that they were attacking her! She was being stung left and right. One even flew up her pants and stung her thigh! Needless to say Goose was FREAKING OUT!!! I could not get them off of her. They seemed drawn to her clothes so she threw them off and we realized she still had the stinger in her thigh. But with all the yellow jackets still swarming us, I couldn't get her to hold still to get it out. So, Goose wrapped her cape around herself, so glad she brought it, the faerie that she is, and we started walking as fast as we could back down the hill, out of the forest. When we finally got to a restroom five minutes away, I was able to get the stinger out. All the while I was thinking that Binky has never been stung and praying he wasn't allergic! It was quite an ordeal!! The kids are fine now. Those were some nasty stings. Quite painful! I didn't get a single one, which was odd. It was the beginning to a really crazy day...

September 26, 2008

Tree Cozy

This tree is in front of the local bakery! A knitting group has opened a shop a few doors down and has been making a few of the local trees a bit more cozy! How thoughtful! I am attempting to learn to crochet... let's just say I won't be making any tree cozys any time soon. Goose has taken up finger knitting. She enjoys it so much we probably have miles of it laying around. My mom crochets and sews beautifully. Why didn't I follow in her footsteps? The rebel in me, I guess. Never saw any point to any of it. Now I regret not taking the time to learn from her. Maybe Goose and/or Binky will take some lessons from Grandma some day.

September 25, 2008

Last night we grabbed some sandwiches and headed for the hills to watch the sunset. We had such a lovely time. So relaxing and beautiful. We parked at a popular spot for sunsets and there was a lot of litter, sadly. Binky right away said, "I want to help the environment!" So we grabbed our litter-picker-uppers (which were still in the car from Coastal Clean-up Day) and the kids started cleaning up. I was so proud of them!!! They were quite appalled by how much litter there was! After looking around and seeing that they had made a difference, we sat and watched the sun go down. It was lovely!!! It was so nice to do something out of the ordinary.

September 24, 2008

Goose and I made these autumn trees with crushed leaves yesterday. Cute aren't they? I found the idea on the Crafty Crow. We collected leaves, the drier the better. And then, the funnest part of all, crunched up all the leaves into little pieces. After painting the tree trunk and branches we brushed glue over the branches and anywhere else we wanted leaves. Sprinkled the broken leaves on to the glue and presto! A fall tree! Goose finished hers with some colored pencils to color in the sky, the sun and a lovely little girl. Too cute!
I just dug out all my sweaters and scarves and it is in the 80s here this week! Go figure! We pulled out our autumn and Halloween decorations yesterday. Goose and Binky are very excited about Halloween. Goose will be a faerie and Binky will be a Storm Trooper, today that is. I think I just might dress up this year. Maybe a faerie like Goose!

September 17, 2008

birds by Goose

Once upon a time there was a mommy bird. She was trying to get some worms for her new baby bird who will be hatching soon. Then a beautiful butterfly came and told the mama bird where some worms were. That butterfly was the mama bird's friend. When they were little they played together. The mama bird wanted the butterfly's daughter to play with her daughter. When the mama bird got back to the nest she saw a new baby bird and a caterpillar playing together. They played for the rest of the day.

The End.

By Goose -9/15/2008

autumn countdown...

Cooler mornings and evenings. Leaves starting to fall. The kids and I went on a leaf hunt yesterday on our way to the local bakery. At home we got out our nature journals and did some leaf sketches. Binky said, "I like having friends who like nature." He really got into his sketching. Goose is really into journaling. She has a handful of them for different things. Just like her momma. They both want to start an insect collection. "Of dead bugs because live bugs would get away!" We are looking through Clare Walker Leslie's "Drawn to Nature." LOVE this book. Wonderful sketches and entries that are easy for the kids to relate to. I am leaving for Seattle to my final Reiki Master class tomorrow. So excited!! Daddy will be alone with the kids for a day and then Grandma will take them home for a night and a day only to return them to Daddy for another night and day before picking me up Sunday night. Daddy has been working so much I know he is looking forward to some time off. And Monday is the first day of Autumn!! Yeah!!! We are having soup and fresh bread for dinner with candles and gourds all around. Looking forward to it!

September 15, 2008

Busy bees

We spent all weekend, rather I should say, I spent all weekend cleaning. Up until the very moment our friends arrived I was putting away and cleaning floors. How sad is that? Binky asked me if I was cleaning because our friends were coming over. I said, " Well, that's one reason. But also because the house needs a good cleaning." Binky said, "I should say so!" Thanks, Binky, I can always count on you to tell it like it is! Before all the cleaning began Saturday morning I did sit down to some fresh-baked banana bread and coffee. Heaven! Today we are gathering fallen leaves for some art projects. I just love this time of year!

September 13, 2008

Feeling lazy...

Another Saturday with Dad at work. I am feeling lazy this morning. I have so much house cleaning to do before friends arrive tomorrow. Dreading it. Goose is getting back to writing stories, letters, etc. Next week we will be working on personal narratives. Binky informed me yesterday that he is "really interested in math." He LOVES counting anything, especially up to 100. Goose has made her own "Measuring Book." She goes around the house measuring any and everything and recording it in her book. I love it! Off to house work!

September 11, 2008

Schooled sleepover

Good morning!

Goose had a friend sleepover last night. We were doing homework, getting to bed early, waking up early... whew! Happy not to be doing that anymore!! I always dreaded that early morning rush to get the kids off to school last year. Mornings are far more relaxed these days. Sunday we went to the zoo and photographed some molting penguins to write about. They look a little self-conscious, don't they? Goose and Binky are really into chess these days. They are playing several times a day. I love catching a glimpse of such concentration. Well, off to choreland!

September 9, 2008

Feeling better

More fog today. Finally feeling human after a sore throat over the weekend. Goose is loving faeries these days. Building faerie houses, wearing faerie costumes, making faerie dolls. So fun! Binky is just along for the ride with his swords and lances. Today we are going to begin our study of Native North Americans. I've heard conflicting stories of my family tree so we are going to investigate to discover the truth behind any Native American heritage. Binky has been making his own short comic strips using stickers and colored pencils. We are working on the spelling, but for now he insists on writing the story the way he "wants to do it." As long as he is writing I am cool with that!!

September 8, 2008

Here we are!

Wow! My first blog. And it only took a few minutes! Amazing. This morning felt like autumn is definitely on the way. Fog and fallen leaves. Squirrels going nuts on the walnut tree! Looking forward to pumpkins and pies!