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November 13, 2008

Yesterday was the last day of Wednesday classes until January. Binky was really into his Geometry artwork. Goose was taking science and creative writing classes. She had a great time! She got quite creative in her writing. I will post one of her stories later.
I made this loom for Goose a while back. She has been reading "An American Girl-Josefina" who lives in New Mexico on a rancho in 1824. Josefina and the women in her family have to weave all their blankets themselves. So I made this one out of twigs. It was meant to be a nature weaving but it fits in with this lesson so well. These stories are great for learning about history in a way that's fun. Goose has the Josefina doll, who came in historically accurate clothing. Our educational coordinator even found a workbook to go with this series. Goose is going to make a replica of Josefina's rancho out of clay. I am looking forward to that! I wish I was homeschooled!!

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