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i am a stay-at-home mom living, learning and loving by the bay!I love to take pictures. I love to crochet cozy things for my family and friends.

December 16, 2008

Well, the rain didn't stop us last night. We finally got a tree! Goose and Binky had fun puddle-jumping while finding the perfect tree. Daddy was a real pro with the lights. Hot cocoa, popcorn and a fire made the night even more fun! We had a fun, relaxing evening. Now it really feels like Christmas around here!
We spend every Christmas eve with my mom and my sister's family. We have pot roast for dinner and then open gifts. Christmas day we open gifts here at home and then see Daddy's family. This year we are going to his mom's house. I'm sure it will be fun.
Tonight we have martial arts class and then off to my mom's for a crochet lesson. Goose and I are determined to learn to crochet! Goose really wants to make a scarf to give for Christmas. Maybe for me, if I'm lucky!!


  1. Hello Lisa thankyou for your visit, your Christmas sounds like great fun, and it's easy to see it has already started...how wonderful. Your pictures are sparkly and beautiful.
    Lynn xx

  2. ces gateaux me font envie!!!