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August 30, 2010

Oregon Memory Albums

Binky petting Sumba the lion cub

Goose's cover

map and postcard from Coos Bay, Oregon

Holding the caracal cat and ferret was very cool!

Binky's cover

Both Goose and Binky went up into the lighthouse.
There is something special about lighthouses.
My favorite memory of a lighthouse is from the movie, "Pete's Dragon."
How I loved that movie as a kid!
Both kids enjoyed making these albums.
They can't wait to make more.  I'm thinking of making one for each season with
photos, stickers, poems, found treasures, birthdays, and holidays.
We are starting to see some leaves changing here by the bay.
Just a hint of red here and there.
Have you noticed any changes where you live?


  1. What a great idea. Before we leave Korea in a couple of months, I should have my son do something like this!

    It has been too hot and humid for changes, although I did notice a few yellowish leaves. And even though I realize they cannot be attributed to the coming fall, I still felt that autumnal tug. :)

  2. So cute :) We used to live very near Coos Bay, in Bandon! Small world ...

  3. So adorable...you know, so few blogs I read anymore actually show off their kids' work. I was so happy to see these little projects--yeah!

    Hope you've had a wonderful summer! :)

  4. What wonderful memory albums! That's such a great idea.

  5. Those are such cute albums that your kids made about their trip to Oregon!