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January 20, 2011

back in action

This was a christmas gift to Binky.  And what an amazing set it is!
He's already finished the first book of experiments like lighting a bulb, creating an alarm, learning how different circuits cause different reactions.  The really cool thing was making an AM radio!

He even tried aluminum foil to see if the connection still worked.
It did!  This set is truly hours of fun!!

Speed Racer legos have taken over the dining room!

I love the little scenes he creates!

Goose is studying cells at the moment so she made some sculpey models.

They look great!  I think it is time for a microscope.
We had one that broke the first day we opened it. 
I think we need a better one!  Any suggestions?

I am finally feeling human again after weeks of feeling like hell!
I am on my second round of antibiotics for swollen and very sore lymph nodes in my neck.
And not just one, but several lymph nodes.
My doctor did some blood work and it came back normal.
I am crossing my fingers that this round works!
We are back into learning and playing.
Goose is in her first real play this year.  She is a sailor in the first scene of "Telfth Night" by Shakespeare!
She is also in a few other scenes, but without lines.
She is very excited and nervous!  I know she will do well.
For her project that must be turned in before the play she is sewing an elizabethan outfit for her doll. 
It will be displayed in the lobby of the theatre for all to see.
I found this great pattern here.
Goose also received her green belt 2 weeks ago!  So exciting!
Binky couldn't test with his arm in a cast above the elbow.
He was VERY disappointed!
The weather is gorgeous here by the bay.
Sun and clear skies every day... in the low 60s.
And now that I am back to myself we can get outside and enjoy it!!!!!

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  1. That all looks so interesting. Great news about the green belt - hooray!