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August 19, 2011

days of summer

Playing with paint,

baking with Goose,

having fun with a KLUTZ telescope and
learning about the seasons with Binky,

making friends with the neighbors,

Goose's bounty from Grandma's garden,

and the very grey days of summer here by the bay.

We spent the afternoon at the pool even though there was no sun to be seen.
Only fog.
There is more fog in store for this weekend.
We are having a very belated birthday slumber party for Binky
tomorrow night.  There will be pizza, rootbeer floats, popcorn, wii, and movies.
Hopefully sleep somewhere in there.
We are the house where all the kids like to sleep over because
we let them stay up waaaaay too late!
Most of their parents have them in bed and asleep by 10pm.
I guess when the kids have to get up for school on Monday they don't want to
change the sleep schedule too much.
Makes sense.
Goose is packing for our camping trip already.
And we are not leaving for two weeks!
She always does this.
I tell her to wait, but does she listen?
Of course not.
And then she has nothing to wear for the next two weeks because
she doesn't want to unpack anything!
I have no idea where she gets this...
We are going to Big Sur for our yearly camping trip.
I am so looking forward to it.
Not quite as much as Goose is, though!


  1. i like your world! i like to pack early too... i understand this.

  2. Your days of Summer look lovely. Enjoy your trip to Big Sur.