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December 19, 2009

cookie day

Yesterday was our annual cookie-making day at Grandma's house.
We came home with enough cookies for the whole neighborhood!
Daddy has already eaten quite a few! He's the cookie monster of the family! I box up a variety of cookies and give them to our neighbors and our mail carrier for the holidays.
That way we, really I, don't eat them all!
Today Goose and I are headed to a Nutcracker performance with a friend as a gingerbread cookie. After that, Goose and Binky are headed to Grandma's for the night.
Daddy and I have no plans other than time together.
A quiet night at home sounds great to me!
Happy Holidays!


  1. Those cookies look so good! I want some-can you send some to VT? ;)

  2. I went to send my last comment and the word I had to type in was 'Wanter'. How did it know???!!! :)

  3. The cookies look yummy. Hope you enjoy your time with hubby.

  4. Hope you enjoyed your quiet night at home! We have way too many cookies around the house right now! I'm afraid that I'm a bit of a cookie monster myself this year.

  5. Good grief, Lisa... you guys do.not.mess.around when it comes to the cookies!

    umm, need some help eating them ;}?