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December 17, 2009

my holidays

This is Scratch's favorite place, next to the shower!! I thought he might curl up and take a nap in the sink! This cat LOVES water! Look at that face!

And, to keep Scratch from knocking the tree over, we got a small one this year. He still jumped all over it and in it. I do love the tree at night all lit up!!

Goose and I made this wreath today with pompoms. And of course Scratch grabbed the entire bag of pompoms for himself during dinner.

Daddy and Goose's masterpiece! Immediately after this picture was taken Daddy took a huge bite out of the roof!

And, just in case you needed some holiday cheer, Goose taught Binky to play this the other day!


  1. Groan... I wrote about my cat making the naughty list yesterday!
    As a matter of fact there seems to be alot of people having cat troubles this season.
    It's really cute that he likes to sit in the sink, what a cute photo!

    Thanks for the cheer, great Jingle Bells!

  2. Scratch has a great 'Don't mess with me' face. Thanks for the Jingle Bells-well done Goose and Binky!

  3. I just love Scratch, and love that he likes water he looks a real softy at heart.
    Your pom pom wreath is just sooooo gorgeous, isn't nice to 'make and do crafts' nicer than shopping.
    Have a cosy weekend
    Hugs Lynn xxxx