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October 5, 2010

movie review

I am finally feeling up to posting. 
I have been sick for the last several days.
Ear, nose, throat, chest, and headache stuff going on.
Daddy is the only one who didn't catch this bug.
the movie!
Goose and Binky loved it!
I also enjoyed it.
I did think it was violent though.
Maybe a little too scary for younger kids.
The owls were beautiful.
They did a great job capturing the beauty of all the different owls, from
the elf owl to the great horned owl.
I loved the snake nanny!
The basic story is about an evil group of owls who want to take over the world.
One owlet and his friends must find the Guardians, who they've only heard stories about, to help stop the
evil owls.  There are owl battle scenes with armor and metal claws.
No blood, but still scary.
The owlet and his friends, with the help of the Guardians, save the day!
Goose and Binky give this movie two thumbs up!

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