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October 19, 2010


 Goose has been sewing quite a bit lately.
She loves making these little bags.  We decided to make a bunch for holiday gift wrapping this year.
She sits down and whips them out in just a few minutes!
Aprons are a favorite, too.
She loves going to our local fabric store and going through the scrap bin.
I am so impressed with her confidence using the sewing machine!
I think a doll is next on the list of projects.
She loves the doll in this book.
Binky made his own little bag yesterday.
I have to say, I love watching them sew together. 
Today Binky was reading one of his comic books to Goose in the warm sun.
It was a sweet moment.
Hearing them laugh together fills me up!

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  1. Wonderful sewing projects:)
    What a beautiful moment you shared, sweet kids you have!