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February 14, 2011

pet huggies

I have been wanting to do this for quite sometime. 
It is so easy. 
First you need to snap a picture of your favorite pet.
Our cat, Scratch, would not open his eyes for anything, but he still looks cute!
Next you can edit your photo to change colors or add anything you like.
I tinted Goose's huggy in purple, her favorite color.
You will also need  fabric for the backside of the huggy.  I chose prints I thought the kids would like.
After you choose the photo you want to use you will need to print in 8 x 10 size
on printable fabric.  You can find this at most craft stores.

Cut out your pet and sew your pieces together.
Stuff them and close them and you are done!

I hand sewed these because I didn't want the kids to see me making them.
This is my first sewing project!
But you could probably tell that from the pictures!!
Goose and Binky loved their "Scratch" huggies!
They were so surprised!
I can't wait to make more for friends and family.
I'm hoping the kids will be inspired to make their own.


  1. Too funny!! I was actually brainstorming this project with my mom last week but don't have a good photo of the kitties to work with.
    They turned out great -- am toying with the idea of making some for my kitty loving little one's birthday next week.

    : )

  2. Oh these are just too darn cute!
    I just bet Noah would love a Jasper huggie:)