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May 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Miles and Mother's Day

Happy Birthday Miles!
Miles, aka Binky, turned 9 years old yesterday.
We celebrated at Grandma's house.
We celebrated lots of birthdays and Mother's Day with good food, cake and ice cream.
I get teary-eyed when I think about what a special person he is and how blessed
I am to be his mother!

I started my day with a lovely breakfast in bed!
I had poached egg with tomatoes on focaccia bread, canadian bacon, a beautiful little chocolate cake and my favorite, a lemon bar.  No, I wasn't able to eat it all.
I saved the lemon bar for this morning and shared the cake with Daddy and Goose.
I received 3 mugs decorated by Daddy, Goose and Binky.
I love them!  The mugs and my family!!
It was a day filled with celebration.
And I enjoyed every minute of it!
Today is filled with cleaning house, lots of laundry and hopefully a walk in there some where.
Back to the daily chores for me!


  1. great day! glad you had breakfast in bed. one day i hope for something like that! my mother in law and i noticed how we were still doing everything even on mother's day. but, that's okay. it's a labor of love isn't it? happy birthday to your sweet miles!

  2. happy birthday to your Binky! Lots of wonderful celebratory food!