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May 21, 2011

painting with Pepper Paints

I was over at Pepper Paints and found this super fun painting project for the kids.
It is so easy and really, really cool!
You must stop by her amazing blog and check it out!
You will be so inspired by all the fun stuff they do and create!
I started with what I had at home.
A mini-canvas for the base so the paint wouldn't go through and some blocks I had to
barter for from Binky.  I glued my blocks to the canvas.

And then it was time to pour on the paint!
Acrylic paint from the craft store worked really well.
Simply pour each color over the top of the sculpture.


Continue adding color until you are satisfied with your creation.
This takes quite a bit of paint but is so worth it!

Isn't it so cool the way the colors move around each other?

I think next time I will add more steps for the paint to drip over.

Goose made both of these.
I really can't wait to do this project again with more
steps in the sculpture and maybe pastel colors.
Like I said before, check out Pepper Paints for some really inspiring art projects!
I know I am always inspired when I visit!

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