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November 15, 2011

Peroshki Party

Yesterday was spent making peroshkis!
Goose and I (along with eveyone in this photo) are cooks for our Fort Ross class and we
will be eating peroshkis for dinner along with grilled salmon and homemade borscht.

After baking, they will be frozen until we leave on November 28.
We made vegetarian and meat peroshkis for everyone!
The Russian American Company created this "fort" along the coast
in Northern California in the 1800s while hunting sea otter for their fur.
They brought with them Aleut hunters who were experts at hunting in the sea.
Binky is part of the hunting group.  There are hunters, cooks, artisans, gardeners and a militia.
I have heard a lot of great things about this living history program at Fort Ross.
The kids and I are really looking forward to it!
You may have noticed in the first photo a girl with crutches.
Yes, that is Goose.
She fell on her knee while ice skating and can't bend or walk on her right leg.
She is scheduled for an MRI tomorrow.
The orthopedist thinks she tore the meniscus and probably needs surgery!
We will see. 
Goose is dealing with it fairly well.
There have been some tears, but overall she is coping.
She is in pain all the time, but she is more upset about not being able to do
everything she had scheduled in the coming months.
I am trying to keep her
calm and remind her that she will heal.
I will post more after we meet with the orthopedist with the MRI results.
Happy Tuesday!


  1. Well I thought that was Goose on the crutches. I hope all goes well and no surgery is needed. She's had a tough year, the poor dear!

    Oh gee, I hope Noah doesn't find out how she got hurt. He has this strange fear of ice skating. I was just trying to convince him to give it a try last week. He's just not going to do it. Oh well, I guess one can still have a full and happy life without ever ice skating.

    This Fort Ross class sounds like such fun! Noah would love it:) Wish we had something like this near by.

  2. I have never heard of peroshkis. Are they like perogies?
    Poor Goose. I hope she doesn't need surgery but the nice thing about kids is they heal very fast. Keep us posted!

  3. I hope the MRI goes well and that the results are something minor and non-surgical. I am sorry to hear she is in pain all of the time, that is not good at all.

  4. Ohhh happy memories this post brought back to me. These were my very favorite thing to eat when I was a girl and my mom and I would make them together. Looks like you all had fun. Hope your girl heals quickly!