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November 8, 2011


Binky is working on geometry right now.
I made this little graph paper book for him.

We've learned about 90* angles.
Love the smiley face!

And angles of different degrees using a protractor.

We learned how to mark different lines.

And looked at different shapes and all their fun names!
I like "trapezoid."

Binky loves playing with tanagrams.
He will sit for hours making designs and creatures,
like a fish

and a snail.
Both kids like to make mandalas with the tanagrams.
I found  this amazing lesson to make learning geometry more interesting since the kids
already enjoy making their own mandalas.
Even though the kids are 9 and 11, I like to work with them together as much as possible.
It makes my life easier.  When they are getting along, that is!


  1. This looks like so much fun. I always loved geometry, because it's so visual. These tanagrams look like a great way to make it hands-on.