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March 21, 2012

alone time

I had a couple of hours to myself the other day.
This RARELY happens.
I knew exactly what I wanted to do!

I grabbed my camera and headed straight for my favorite local garden.
I am always at peace as I walk through the trees, flowers and creeks.

There has finally been some rain here by the bay.
We are in desperate need of some!
Spring is here and it only recently started really snowing in the Sierra.

The pollen levels are out of control!
Are they where you live?
Spring is here and Binky is out of his boot and getting stronger in his right leg by the day!
Today we went for a long walk and he was fine!
Tomorrow we resume our morning walks through the neighborhood.
I can't wait!  I love starting the day outside.
Happy Spring!


  1. It is always nice to get a few moments to yourself, especially in the Spring. I love the little blue bird.

  2. Happy spring!
    I am glad things are going so well! Is that blue bird picture a blue bird, or some other kind of bird? Ours are completely different looking around here!

  3. The weather on this side of the globe is unusual at the moment too, its been a relatively cool summer with only a few spots of real heat (We are not complaining about that, though).Hopefully you guys will have a wet spring. i dont know if you guys are in a bush fire zone but Aussies know that a dry winter and spring isnt always a good thing, esp if followed by a really hot summer.