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March 27, 2012

week in photos

Binky loved the movie, Red Tails about the Tuskegee Airmen that
came out recently.  He saw it with Daddy and couldn't stop thinking about it.
He read some books about them and was hoping to find
some action figures he could play with.  But we couldn't find any.  So
he wrote to George Lucas at Lucasfilm and asked if they had any plans to
make Red Tails action figures.  Two weeks later a package arrived in the mail!
There were no action figures, but a very kind letter explaining that they had no intention of making any
action figures, but they loved getting fan mail and hoped he would enjoy these other movie
products.  Binky was so excited!!  He wears the dog tags all the time!

Binky loves to sit down and copy chinese writing. 
He can do it for hours.  We haven't found a language product that he
enjoys yet.  Still looking.  Goose uses Rosetta Stone for French through our Homeschool
Charter, but I don't think Binky is quite ready for that yet.

This is the final project for Goose's Mesopotamia study.
She made a page for each God and Goddess including their name in cuneiform.
Innana, the ancient Sumerian mother Goddess, is her favorite.
She is the protector of grain and the queen of heaven, combining earth and sky.
Now that we are moving on to Egypt, I think a book of Egyptian Gods and Goddesses
would be nice. 

Binky is studying the California Gold Rush and this is a flyer to
persuade people to come to California in search of gold
to make their dreams come true.  I love it!
Are you convinced??

This little guy, Sebastian, who we rescued a few months ago is getting bigger and
more curious by the minute!
He fit so well into our family.  The dog and cat love him and he adores them.
They love to chase each other around the house!
How is your week so far?

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