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September 26, 2012

s k y and s c h e d u l e s

While sitting in my room the other evening I could see a pink glow
seeping through the blinds.
When I peeked outside, the clouds were aglow with beautiful
shades of pink.

And the moon was gorgeous!

A day or two later we headed down to the water
to fly Binky's new dual-control kite.
There were a lot of sailboats out there!
How I wanted to be on one of them.

This is the new kite!
Binky is so excited about it.
He is quite good, too.
He told me his kite was really pretty up in the sky.

Here he is doing his thing.

We have been very busy.
Our lessons and groups and classes have begun
and I am just trying to get back into the
swing of things.
Goose is quite busy this fall. 
Her schedule is as follows
US Constitution
Earth Science Group
Writing Group
Cooking classes
Library Book Club
Binky's schedule
Maritime and Tallships
Science class
US History
Martial Arts
Actually, seeing this in print kind of scares me!
It is a lot, isn't it?!
For many years I was one of those under-scheduling moms.
My kids had plenty of time to just be.
  But now that they are older,
they have a lot more interests. So we are busy bees for now.
Besides, I like my job as chauffeur!!


  1. It doesn't look like a lot at all! It looks like they are exploring some neat interests and enjoying their days. :)

  2. it all sounds wonderful lisa and i just love that you have the time to still fly a kite with binky. that's so special! i love these pictures of the bay.

  3. I hear you! We used to do a lot of just hanging out with wide open schedules, but my kids like yours got older and LOVE to be so busy! it's daunting, but i got used to it. Plus, it makes the winter fly by! Hang in there, Mama!

  4. So interesting, Lisa, as I continue to tiptoe my way to homeschooling. It does look like a lot. That kind of list is what scares me a bit! And your photos...we appreciated and photographed some of the same skies!

  5. What a great picture of the moon, love how you can see the craters where the sun line is:)You guys are very busy, but at least you cant say there is nothing to do, and if it gets to much you can alter things later!Looks like there will be lots of exploration going on!