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September 10, 2012

Thinking of Autumn

Autumn is on my mind!
My mother-in-law brought me a huge bag of apples
the other day and I have been baking pies like crazy!
The smell of an apple pie in the oven always makes me think of autumn.

I visited my favorite Botanical Garden yesterday.
It was just so beautiful.
The sky was so blue!
When I saw these leaves in oranges and reds, it made me smile!

This was my favorite spot!
A carpet of autumn leaves. 
An Autumn poem to get you in the mood.
by Helen Hunt Jackson
The goldenrod is yellow;
The corn is turning brown;
The trees in apple orchards
With fruit are bending down.
The gentian's bluest fringes
Are curling in the sun;
In dusky pods the milkweed
Its hidden silk has spun.
The sedges flaunt their harvest
In every meadow-nook;
And asters by the brookside
Make asters in the brook.
From dewy lanes at morning
The grapes' sweet odors rise;
At noon the roads all flutter
With yellow butterflies.
By all these lovely tokens
September days are here,
With summer's best of weather,
And autumn's best of cheer.



  1. Autumn is my favorite season. I cannot wait for it!

  2. Autumn is pretty great! Now you have me craving apple pie! I can't believe how much further ahead you are in your leaf color and dropping. We are just starting here! The leaves are just starting to yellow. I can hardly wait for the reds and orange. Such a beautiful palette...

  3. We've had a terrible apple growing season here. I've heard cider will be $7 a gallon; yikes! Still I'm excited for fall. Beautiful photos and thanks for the poem:)

  4. it's hitting us here too...my favorite time of year. your apples make my mouth water :)

  5. Which garden is your favorite, Lisa? Tilden?