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March 24, 2009


Earth Hour is Saturday night!! The http://earthhourkids.org website is really great! Check it out if you haven't yet! I printed up both lesson plans for Goose and Binky. We have had some great conversations about climate change and ways to help stop it. Goose finished her poster and I love the way it turned out! Binky is still working on his. We are all looking forward to spending Earth Hour at home by candlelight playing games and talking about our beautiful planet! How are you spending your Earth Hour?


  1. We have family game nights once a month or so, so Earth Hour will host the next game night. The kids are SO excited; they love playing games by candlelight. I'll have to check out the Earth Hour kids site. thanks!

  2. We are also participating! I love the poster....great idea. I'm going to have the girls do the same thing.

  3. We are pretending to be pioneers Saturday night. We will read, play games and I will do some knitting:)

  4. Cool-I'll have to check out the earth hour for kids site.

  5. Those posters are great! I've been waiting to teach my daughter how to play Clue...we'll do that by candlelight. :)