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March 11, 2009

aDveNtuRe PLaYgRoUnd

We took a homeschooling fieldtrip to Adventure Playground today!!! This place is a lot of fun!

The rules are you have to bring in 5 pieces of litter to get a tool! You can get a hammer, a saw... yikes, nails or paint. The next rule is to be safe. And the final rule is to have fun! And we did!

One of the coolest things to do is ride the zip-line!

There's lots of stuff to climb on!

And endless amounts of wood to add on to any of the structures. We have made quite a few additions to one of the structures. Binky even refers to it as HIS clubhouse. We had a great time today in the beautiful sunshine!


  1. Wow-that is so cool! My kids would be in heaven.

  2. i never knew a place like this existed!!!!

    it looks like our backyard sometimes.

    my micah wants to know WHERE IS IT, WHERE IS IT, WHERE IS IT

    it looks great.

  3. I wish, wish, wish we had one of those near us!