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March 4, 2009

Yellow Belt Promotion

Goose and Binky have been practicing like crazy for their Cuong Nhu yellow belt promotion! We spent the last two days memorizing the Code of Ethics, which was part of the test. And now they have moved up in the class! We are all so excited! Grandma came to watch, too! Sensei Teri and Sensei Pam are so great! Their patience with the younger kids is wonderful. Binky woke up yesterday morning and said,"I am nervous!" But all their hard work paid off! They are both so proud of themselves!! I love seeing it on their faces. We celebrated with dinner and ice cream. When we got home, Binky went straight to bed... at 7:30pm! Unheard of in this house!


  1. Wow...such a moment to be proud of! They look so happy. :) My son is interested in starting karate in the fall.

  2. Hi-I'm also a mom of two homeschooling kids(5 and 9). I've been really enjoying reading your blog. The shelters class sounds very interesting. Also, I wish I could get my daughter to make me pancakes!

  3. What an accomplishment! I took a class and college...it almost killed me!