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May 12, 2009

Leonardo Learning Station

I set up a Leonardo da Vinci learning station in a small corner of the house. Binky is fascinated by contraptions and the way things work. And Goose is fascinated with nature and art. And who better to learn from than Leonardo da Vinci! I got this idea from a small pamphlet at our charter school and I like the way it turned out!
I filled the table with Leonardo books, a nest, a statue, a wooden egg, driftwood, animal bones, some nature Sculpey imressions we made last year, some feathers...

...an ancient mini globe,

some stones, shells, and old coins. I filled the cupboard with crayons, pencils, a quill and ink, parchment paper, oil pastels, a measuring tape, wax for making little sculptures, a magnifying glass and a few other things. I am hoping to add some old, used clocks and other fun things to take apart. I am looking forward to seeing what the kids create and learn from this station!


  1. I'm sure your kids will learn a lot from this great learning station. What a fabulous idea!

  2. I love your learning station! We did Leonardo back in the fall and I wish I had set up something like this. I still might!

  3. This is so awesome! What a great concept. You could do this with so many subjects!

  4. I LOVE that corner! I feel like I could sit there for hours too. SUCH a great idea!