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May 31, 2009

Friday Fun!

We had a day of fun at the park on Friday. A friend called and said meet us there, so off we went, faerie dust and rain boots(no it wasn't raining, just fun to wear!) in tow. This park is filled with ogres, faeries, gnomes and other fantastical creatures! There are tree sprites and pixies, too! We were supposed to be cleaning house for a dinner guest later that night, but this was way more fun!


  1. Yes, that looks much more fun than cleaning house. :) The fairy dust in the flower looks so pretty.

  2. Sound like the most perfect park...leave the house to the brownies to clean! (Fauna leaves little mops and brooms made of twigs and mint hoping the brownies will clean her room one day...they haven't yet).

  3. What a wonderful park!
    I love that you brought along fairy dust, that photo is beautiful!
    We made a brownie house in our nature cicle last summer, hoping for a brownie to be so pleased that he'd clean our house...no such luck!

  4. definitely more fun than cleaning! have a great week!

  5. Looks like a great park. Love the faerie dust in the flower!