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October 17, 2009

a day on the farm

The kids and I spent the day at a local farm!
There were lots of animals to see like goats, horses, bunnies, pheasants, pigs and many more.

Even turkeys!
This guy would not show his face!

Goose spent some time making corn husk dolls. Sweet, isn't she?

Ardenwood is an historical farm in Fremont, CA.
It was named after a forest area in Shakespeare's play "As You Like It."

We even went for a hay ride through the fields.
This was Binky's favorite part of the day!

I love this photo!
We had so much fun! As soon as we pulled into the parking area and the kids saw the pumpkin patch, they thanked me ahead of time for a great day! Can't ask for more than that!!
The weather has been quite warm and muggy lately. I'm still looking forward to sweaters and scarves. We are very excited about Halloween around here! Grandma made Goose a wizard dress and cape this year. Can't wait to post photos! Binky is going as GI Joe. He doesn't really even know who GI Joe is, but when he saw the costume it was all over. He loves helmets and any kind of gear.
What are your little ones wearing this year?


  1. How cute is that pig snout?!?!
    Love the header with the handful of beautiful sweetgum leaves!


  2. What a fun place to visit. Can't believe all those pumpkins laid out. I've never seen that many!

  3. That looks like a fun day! We're excited about Halloween to. Grace is going to be "candy corn", and Trent is Darth Vader.

  4. That is THE most beautiful farm I've ever seen!

    Noah is going as a skeleton with a cloak, not sure what he is. LOL!