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October 8, 2009

Binky wanted me to share this "very complicated Lego ship" with you!
Cool, isn't it?

For Social Studies, Binky made a storyboard of his life!
This is me holding Binky at the hospital.

Yes, Binky's first broken arm was at 2. And there have been two more since then.

Binky had a lot of fun making this. He is so proud of it! He shows it to everyone that comes to visit! He even wants to share it at next weeks writing class! There is nothing more rewarding that when my child is excited about writing! Oh, and the other day, Binky was reading a chapter book with character voices and expression! I was smiling from ear to ear just listening to him! He is talking with an english accent these days and has recently added an australian accent. He likes to read using accents. He also likes to read while sitting on the kitchen counter. Or any other unusual place. Which is just fine with me. Anything to help him enjoy reading!
How does your child like to read?


  1. I love that picture of Binky as a baby. Looks like you need some practice holding him! ;)

  2. Binky sounds like such fun kid. His storyboard is wonderful.

  3. Great Lego ship, he's so creative!
    I really like his storyboard of his life, Hopefully no more broken arms in the rest of his life!!!

    Noah loves to read up on the
    built-in's in the dinning room. He's up high and next to a sunny window. As long as they are reading, right?!
    Noah does a funny accent from India:)