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March 12, 2010

burrowing owls

These adorable little owls have been living at a local park for the winter.
I heard from a friend they were around until early April so the kids and I headed to the park as soon as we could! And we were not disappointed! There are three living in abandoned ground squirrel burrows. We were only able to find two of them. The park has fenced off the area around the burrows to keep dogs and people away. But you can still get up close and personal with the owls. And, since Goose has been studying owls, we were so excited to see them in their natural habitat. Goose named one "Bright Eyes" and Binky named the other "Nick."
I know we will be back for as many visits as we can before they leave.
I could watch them all day!


  1. what a gift to be able to connect with these cuties...please feel free to link to threading light.

  2. How wonderful. We would so love to see these owls. They are fascinating.