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March 27, 2010

"How To Train Your Dragon" review

This was a cute movie!
Goose and Binky really enjoyed it.
It might be a little scary for younger kids, but "Toothless" the dragon is adorable!
Binky wanted him for a pet!
We did not see it in 3D, though.
We really don't enjoy it. I always get a headache!
I do wish the "mean" dragon didn't have to die.
But it is Hollywood.
2 thumbs up from Goose and Binky!!
And one from me!


  1. I'm anxious to see this one, but am so bad about going to the movies. My poor deprived children! Have you seen the Fantastic Mr. Fox. It just came out on DVD is now a favorite over here.

    Thanks so much for the button to my shop. You are so sweet Lisa!

    What gorgeous weather you are having. it's starting to warm up over here, in the 70's tomorrow through Friday. Can't wait!


  2. We read the book and so I'm wary about the movie, as the boys are excited about their favorite characters, which seem COMPLETELY DIFFERENT in the trailers. We are going next week... :)

  3. Hi from New Zealand, This has just arrived here, I must see it cheers Marie