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March 2, 2010

Binky and I spent most of Sunday together. I brought out some paints for him while I cleaned the backyard. He was so serious while he painted. I love how it turned out!

A friend gave us this great marble run the other day and Binky has been playing with it ever since! And in the spirit of the Olympics, we held our own Marble Olympics!
Binky really got into the Olympics. He wants to be an olympic snowboarder at the moment!
We also did some archery in the backyard. Binky was showing me how to do it right!!
He loves his bow and arrow!
I love spending one on one time with the kids. I know they do, too!


  1. What a lovely painting. I like the bright colors - very nice in the dreary last few weeks of winter!

    Marble Olympics - cute!

  2. One on one time with kids is so important. It sounds like a great day with Binky.

  3. A Marble Olympics! How fun! We have the marble run my grandpa made for my mom (when she was a child). Perhaps one day we'll hold our own Marble Games! :)

  4. Very colorful! Looks like you guys had a great time together. Marble olympics, sound fun. We had those as a kid...the marble run, not olympics.


  5. Stopped by from Frog Creek. Love his painting - almost looks like he's doing Chinese symbols. :-)