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November 3, 2010

birds and a pod racer

This beautiful pelican was diving in and out of the water looking for a feast!

The Western Burrowing Owls are back!
They spend the winter here and we look forward to watching them every year.

This little guy was very vocal. 
He was having a conversation with a seagull.

Peace by the bay.

And no outing would be complete without a lego pod racer!

Another week of classes.
Bats, the Overland Trail, Bizwiz and outdoor games.
While the kids are in class I head to the local coffee house with another mom or two.
We head back in time to have lunch with our kids.
After classes today, the kids are going to a friend's house for a few hours.
Goose is tutoring him in reading.
She is making money tutoring and being a mother's helper.
She is so thrilled!
Binky plays with legos while he waits.
While they are away, I will be applying for a part time job.
Some evenings and weekends to help out financially.
We are going through some rough times.
It looks like we are foreclosing on our house...
It is so hard to even type those words.
So we are looking for a new place to live.
The thought of living somewhere that isn't ours is no fun.
We have been honest with the kids.
Which I sometimes regret because they are very stressed out
and SAD about leaving the only home they've ever known.
And no matter how much I tell them that as long as we are together everything will be okay, they
still seem sad, nervous and worried.
Goose is having stomach problems and Binky is constantly reminding me that he does not want to leave his home, that he will never be comfortable any where else.
that is where we are.
It isn't easy to share these things when I know Goose and others read this.
But there it is.

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  1. What a cool photo of the owl. I have never been quite that close to one before. Crows really are such noisy birds...