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November 9, 2010

Bonnets and Comics

Goose made this Blackfeet war bonnet for her history class project.
Isn't it beautiful?!

Binky has been making comic strips nonstop!

These last two photos are from our moring walk around the neighborhood.
The sky was so blue and bright!
Right now we are making a stew similar to what the Blackfeet would make.
The recipe calls for buffalo, but she would have none of that.
So beef stew it is.  She is, or rather I am, bringing the stew to class tomorrow as part of her
Blackfeet project.  They've been studying the Overland Trail and she chose
the Blackfeet tribe for her project.
I am also going to make paper airplanes with Binky and his friends at lunch.
I only hope I feel better.
I can't seem to kick this thing I've got going on in my head, neck, throat and ear.
It's driving me crazy!
And life doesn't stop just because you are sick or your husband had gum surgery or
your kids enlist you to cook a stew for their class or you have to find a part-time job
or, or, or...
But taking care of these three, five including the cat and dog, is what brings me the greatest joy.
Even if I feel like crap!

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