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November 7, 2010

Leaf Cut-out Frame

I have been saving leaves to do this project for about a week now.
All you need is a frame, some cut-outs, and Mod Podge.

I pressed the leaves between books for a few days so they are nice and flat.

Then I got to work cutting out the shapes I wanted for my frame.
I didn't have any problems cutting out each shape. 
You can use the veins of the leaves in interesting ways.

Next, I covered the frame in Mod Podge and placed my cut-outs.
Then I covered the frame again in Mod Podge.
After drying, I did another coat.

It really is pretty!
I can't wait to make more with the kids!


  1. What a great idea! I am surprised the leaves didn't crumble when punched...probably need to be pretty fresh, you think?

  2. I agree with Denise--I would've thought they'd crumble, too!

    Very pretty!

  3. I thought so too. But after pressing for two or 5 days I never had one crumble.

  4. This really looks lovely! What a great idea.

  5. Beautiful. You always have wonderful craft ideas!