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April 20, 2011

flowers and kittens

Yesterday we went for a walk down by the Berkeley Marina.
It was cold and windy but oh so pretty!
There were flowers everywhere.
Goose had so much fun making this boquet.

One of the feral cats that lives behind our house had kittens a couple of weeks ago.
Goose and Binky are madly in love with all four of them!
We visit them each day.
I want them to come to us so we can spay and neuter them.
The mom and her siblings will not come near us, even though we've been feeding them for years.
So I'm hoping I can at least keep this generation from having more kittens.

They really are adorable.
I have already made it clear that we will NOT be bringing any of these kittens into our home!
Goose and Binky have started kitten journals to keep track of their growth and daily antics.
Binky gets to name this litter of kittens since Goose named the last one.
He wants to wait until they are a little older so he can see their personalities before naming them.
I like that idea!

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful flowers and way-too-cute kittens:)
    The black and white one looks like our Jasper.

    I think it's awesome that you want to spay and neuter these kittens. Do you have any free cat clinics for this in your area? It would be expensive to pay for it.
    We have two male feral cats in our neighborhood that spray everyone's porches with stinky bad stuff... I hate those cats! I wish that someone had fixed them.