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April 6, 2011

solar puzzle plane

Have you ever tried to put one of these together?
It's a little tricky, even for an almost 9 year old.
But once you get it together and put it in the sun for a few minutes
the propeller starts turning!
It doesn't fly on its own, but it is fun to imagine.
Solar energy is so cool!

Goose update
She is sick!  She must have picked up a virus at the hospital.
Most likely the flu.
We spent 3 hours yesterday in the doctor's office just
to make sure nothing else was going on.
We are still waiting for the Colorado lab results.
But I did find out from the doctor that they think
the first lab test was wrong(the positive result.) 
So for now we wait and
focus on making Goose well again!


  1. Noah is taking a solar energy class starting next week where they will build their own solar powered cars.
    I bet it's fun to see the propeller spinning:)

    Oh poor Goose, just what she needed on top of everything else right now.
    Noah was so worried when I told him how sick she's been.
    It's good to hear the doctor is thinking the test was wrong, I sure hope so.
    ((Big hugs to Goose))

  2. oooh fingers crossed that the results were wrong! and until you find out - i wish you all peace and for goose to get better fast! poor girl...

  3. Oh no! That is why I hate when we have to go to the ER for the asthma attack stuff...the sick kid always picks up MORE virus. Blech. Hope she feels better soon.

    That is a cool plane! We have done a few solar kits...but haven't tried that yet!