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April 7, 2011

s p r i n g

Spring is in the air at our house today!
Goose and I decorated some wooden eggs with tissue
paper, fabric and paint.
Crafting while you are sick takes your mind off things!
Aren't they pretty?
I think I'll pick up some more eggs this weekend to decorate.

Goose update
Well, last night there was more wheezing in her lungs
and she was working hard to breathe again.
So off to the ER we went!
A dose of albuterol stopped the wheezing.
After a couple of hours of observation
we were able to go home.  This time with a prescription for albuterol
and antibiotics for a sinus infection in hand.
I hate having to give her all these medications.
I prefer natural remedies, especially for the kids.
But when it comes to breathing, I don't take chances.
I am going to make her an appointment with the osteopath to help
with the healing process.  An osteopath uses very gentle bone manipulation
to help  heal the body.  Binky saw a wonderful osteopath when he had asthma.
Within a year we were off all meds, albuterol, Qvar and steroids, and haven't needed them since!
I am exhausted!  But I am looking forward to happy,
healthy days ahead!

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