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July 14, 2011

what we've been up to...

...enjoying urban blooms on our morning walks,

the kids made homemade foccacia,

and finding knitted bike racks in front of the downtown library!

Goose has been volunteering at the library a couple of days a week. 
She enjoys being on her own in the world, without her parents watching her every move!
While she is at the library, Binky and I meander over to the coffee shop and then to the comic book store.
Today, before we left, I checked to see if there were any letterboxes in the area.
Guess what?
There was one in the library!
So when we went to pick up Goose, Binky found the letterbox and stamped his journal.
It has been foggy all week here by the bay.
Which is typical for July. 
You know that old saying, "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco!"
I remember our first summer in this house.
One day it was 55* in June!  I even turned on the heater!
It is supposed to warm up again next week.  I know the kids are looking forward to that.
Me?  I don't mind the fog one bit!
I grab a cup of tea and a book and I'm happy!


  1. I have heard about different knitted things. Are there knitting fairies that come in the night? How does one knit a cover for a bike rack? At any rate I love it!
    I am from the west coast of Canada and the weather here has been terrible. Yesterday it POURED torrentialy (not a word according to spell check but I like it.) It is jacket weather. I don't mind either but it would be nice for the weather to improve for people with gardens.

  2. i would love to be in a cold summer in san francisco right now...
    i love that knitted bike rack! awesome idea! great photo of the urban blooms.