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July 2, 2011

s u m m e r f u n

We've been spending some of our days at the pool!
It reminds me of being a kid and spending every day at the local YMCA pool
with my sister while my mom was at work.
She bought us each a summer pass so we could go all summer long.
And we did!
By the first day of school, my very blond hair was lime green!
Today will be a relaxed day with bbq, roasted marshmallows and a movie tonight in the backyard!
How will you spend your holiday weekend?
Enjoy every moment!!


  1. Now THAT looks like fun :)
    You did a nice job on your new header ...

  2. The pool is always a winner with my kids too! I use a spray bottle filled with water and a little olive oil, shake it and spray their hair it should protect it. I am glad I found your blog today.