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October 10, 2011

spider webs and a diorama

This spider is living right outside my bedroom window.
I watched it build this web the other day after heavy rain and wind
destroyed the first one.
Every morning when I wake up I check to see if my new neighbor is still there!

Binky finished his ocean diorama today.
He made the kelp, the rock that the eel is poking out of, and the red coral with air dry
clay.  I like the school of fish he painted in the background.
This goes with his Oceans study.  He just finished listening to "The Cay" on disc.  This was the first time we used an audio book.  Binky loved it!  He relaxed in the living room while listening so intently.  I checked out "Island of the Blue Dolphins" to start this week. 
I also can't wait to try this project before we head to the Monterey
Bay Aquarium in a couple of weeks.  The jellies are one of our favorite exhibits.
It's not even 9pm and I am exhausted!
Looking forward to another great day tomorrow!


  1. The orb-weavers are out. Gorgeous! We started seeing them here in August, and I said to my husband, "Wow, they even have them here in England, and they come out so much earlier than they do in the U.S.!"

    I love the ocean diorama - where are Nemo and Dory? ;) The variety of sea life he included is great!

  2. I have had a pet spider that builds nests on my car side mirror. I love her and I think she loves me. Sometimes she comes inside. I could never squash her. She is orange and small. I was driving with a friend once and there was a spider in his van and he squashed it.

  3. Beautiful web photos!
    Hey Lisa, It's been awhile. Hope all is well with you and the family:)