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October 9, 2011

Harvest Festival

The kids and I spent yesterday at a local farm for their yearly Harvest Festival.
It was warm, crowded and lots of fun.

We said hello to the animals,

picked a lot of corn,

really beautiful corn,

found some pumpkins, made a corn husk doll, and had some yummy snacks.

This is our bounty of Indian corn.
Isn't it beautiful?

I love, love, love the colors!

They are like jewels!
These kernels remind me of garnets.
Goose likes to remove the kernels and grind them in her mortar and pestle
for potions and the like.
I am saving some for displaying around the house and
some for art projects like kernel mosaics.
Last year I made a corn kernel necklace.
I hope you are enjoying the season as much as we are!
Happy Autumn!

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