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June 3, 2012

getting ready for summer

Summer is almost here!
Can you feel it? 
I can.
Yesterday was so beautiful!
While enjoying our backyard, the kids and I
started a Summer Book List.
We are attempting to read 100 books by the end of summer!
No, not 100 each!  But 100 between the three of us.
This includes any book I read to them, they read themselves,
and even Garfield!  They can't get enough of Garfield!
Right now, Goose is reading The Staff of Osiris, A Theodosia Book, by
R.L. LaFevers.  Binky is reading the Bionicle series.
I am reading A Wind In The Door by Madeline L'Engle aloud to Binky.
This is one of my favorites to read aloud to the kids.
I read it to Goose a couple of years ago and she loved it.
What is your family reading right now?

There has also been a lot of baking going on in this house!
I made the first blueberry pie of the season.
Can I just say, YUMMY!
Oh, how I love blueberry pie and coffee for breakfast!
Goose made her first souffle the other night.
Wow!  Was it delicious!
She wants to go to culinary school when she is old enough.
I see many more delicious treats in my future!!

I found these goddess flags buried in Goose's closet yesterday.
I knew they would look beautiful hanging from our pergola.
They add so much color, beauty and peace to the backyard.

Our first swim of the season!
Our homeschool charter ended the year with a Swim Day.
All the kids were there and had a blast!
Binky has been asking to go to the pool everyday since!

And would it even be Summer without watermelon?
I think not!
I actually hate watermelon.
I can't stand the taste or smell of it.
But I always buy it for the kids.
And, as you can see, it is a big hit with them!
How are you getting in the Summer spirit?


  1. Good luck on your reading list...
    Noah has just finished the 39 clues series. He needs to find another series to get interested in soon or it's Harry Potter for the third time...sigh. Me, I've been reading many homesteading books and such. Getting in the mood for gardening.

    Your pie is so pretty! I just made some blueberry/raspberry jam today.

    Oh, and I love the flags, so bright and cheery:)
    Here's to summer!

  2. I like this idea! I think I shall give it a try.

  3. Hi, Lisa,

    I'm reading the Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan to Peter right now. He loves them. I prefer the Lightning Thief and Lost Hero series. When I was reading them to him he would jump up and down on the bed with excitement. I feel that the Kane Chronicles are geared a bit more to the young teen reader, with the stronger love interest theme, but the mythology and action are great for him. He has become very interested in Egyptian mythology, and recently made some God's eyes which he named Horus and Osiris. Sometimes I think he is getting a better pagan education than Christian one. To himself he has been reading Nate books, and Garfield...comics are well loved at our house and he has his big brother and big sister's collections to feast on, too. I am reading one of my favorite English novels, "I Capture the Castle," by Dodie Smith, in French right now. In French it is called "Le Chateau de Cassandra." The translation is excellent and I am learning lots of new vocabulary. Thanks for bringing up this topic. I'm going to look up the Madeleine L'Engle book you mentioned on my kindle. Love, Beth